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Elliott Wave Weekly is a podcast bringing you a roundup of the best market insights and Elliott wave analysis from the researchers and analysts at Elliott Wave International (
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Elliott Wave Weekly is the weekly podcast bringing you a roundup of the best market insights and Elliott wave analysis from the researchers and analysts at Elliott Wave International. Show notes and more are available at

Dec 9, 2016

Our first feature today explores how to get a firm handle on gold's ups and downs. Then we answer an important question: When does a forecast become a trade? Lastly, we look at the storm brewing for U.S. tech startups. 

Dec 2, 2016

Today's episode of Elliott Wave Weekly takes a deeper look at the social mood landscape across Europe and Asia.

Nov 18, 2016

Is Donald Trump good or bad for stocks? The financial press says both! Euro price action post-election: learn why "we expected that." Our friends at the Socionomics Institute explain why legal marijuana is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Nov 9, 2016

Our first segment gives you a sneak peek of what analysts at Elliott Wave International have been watching in U.S. and global stocks, forex, metals, interest rates, energy and social mood. Next we take a look at legalization of recreational marijuana and answer the important question, why now? Lastly, we take a deeper look at Obamacare and reveal the real reason it's coming unglued. 

Oct 14, 2016

Jeffrey Kennedy talks about some of the easy techniques to help you spot high-confidence trade opportunities. European markets expert Brian Whitmer explains why hoarding cash in this type of deflationary environment is a natural reaction for many investors — and there’s not a whole lot central banks can do to stop it.

Sep 14, 2016

Listen to the latest episode to learn how to use sentiment to identify market extremes -- case in point: Gold. You'll also learn the real reason stocks just turned volatile. 

Aug 19, 2016

Today's episode starts off with an interview with Pete Kendall, the co-editor of the monthly Financial Forecast. Next you'll learn why ex-marines do well as investors and traders. The last feature is a conversation with Robert Kelley about stocks and several factors that are pointing to multi-year extremes. 

Aug 11, 2016

Enjoy this in-depth interview that I recorded with Steve Hochberg, Elliott Wave International's Chief Market Analyst. Take a listen to learn why Steve thinks Elliott wave analysis so useful and practical.

Jul 21, 2016

Jim Martens, the editor of Elliott Wave International's Currency Pro Service. Take a listen as he gives you a preview of what's going on in the FX world post-Brexit. Michael Madden, who forecasts cross rates for EWI's Currency Pro Service, talks you about the volatility following the historic Brexit vote. Jeffrey Kennedy, the editor of our popular Trader's Classroom educational service he weighs in on how you know when it's time to enter a trade.

Jul 5, 2016

Today's episode focuses on Brexit and Beyond. On the heels of the historic vote, Elliott Wave International's Brian Whitmer dropped by the ElliottWaveTV studios for a quick interview and update on the state of the European Union and the European economies. Next up is another interview with Steve Hochberg and Pete Kendall, the co-editors of EWI's monthly Financial Forecast. They sat down with ElliottWaveTV to discuss the volatility that followed last Thursday's Brexit vote. The last feature is another interview with Jim Martens, the editor Elliott Wave International's Currency Pro Service. He explains how he prepared his subscribers for the violent reversal and historic sell-off in the British pound.

Jun 16, 2016

The episode starts with an in-depth interview with Mark Galasiewski who edits our Asian Pacific Financial Forecast. He tells you what helps him keep an eye on all markets across the Asia-Pacific region at the same time. In part 2 of this interview with Mark, he tell you how his analysis of Indian stocks differs from the way he looks at other markets. The last feature is from Bob Stokes. Most investors consistently lose money in financial markets. Even during a bull market, the median household saw their retirement wealth decline by 13%.

Jun 6, 2016

We first start by looking at car loans. The delinquency rate among subprime auto loans is rising, even as total auto loan liabilities exceed $1-trillion. Our next feature is on municipal bonds. Many investors continue to pour money into municipal bond funds even after Puerto Rico's muni bond default. We believe debt-market complacency will soon be met with regret. Our last feature is an interview with Elliott Wave International's Senior Metals Analyst who explains the relationship between gold and the U.S. dollar. Learn why Tom believes the development of gold's wave pattern provides all the information he needs to create his forecast. 

May 23, 2016

First we start with an interview with Brian Whitmer who talks about the implications of the upcoming Brexit vote. Up next is Chris Carolan who shows you why it's important to keep your eye on emerging markets. The last feature is with Jeffrey Kennedy who explains teh importance of knowing the right questions to ask when looking at the market as an analyst vs. a trader. 

May 11, 2016

When Donald Trump announced he was running for president in June 2015, many traditional pundits and political commentators brushed him off. Now, ten months later, much of the establishment is reeling: Donald Trump has essentially clinched the Republican nomination. In this new interview, Robert Folsom explains how Trump rode a wave of negative social mood to the top. Our next interview is with Brian Whitmer, one of our emerging markets experts. He talks about the Puerto Rican debt crisis and explains why the country's recent default "was not a surprise" to him and others at EWI. Take a listen to learn why he thinks this debt crisis is not stopping anytime soon. Last we hear from Bob Stokes. Periods of low stock market volatility are usually followed by high volatility. On March 18, volatility was non-existent. Since then, volatility has jumped. Learn how  you can prepare now for "head spinning stock market moves."

May 2, 2016

In this week's episode, we talk to three analysts from Elliott Wave International about the respective markets they cover. We start off with Jeffrey Kennedy, the editor of our Commodity Junctures market-forecasting service, to learn about the one commodity [Jeff] is most excited about.Next up is an interview with Jim Martens, the editor of our Currency Pro Service. He has been using Elliott wave analysis since the mid-1980s -- on forex markets, for most of that time. Here, Jim tells you how Elliott waves help you "make sense" of the FX markets -- and why it's important to look at the larger trend. In today's last interview, Chris Carolan explains what a weaker dollar implies for Asian equities and gives an update on what he's looking at in China. 



Apr 21, 2016

We start with Brian Whitmer who edits Elliott Wave International's monthly European Financial Forecast. He spoke with ElliottWaveTV's Dana Weeks about what the current figures of credit demand mean for European stocks. Take a listen to learn what message credit demand across Europe is sending right now. Next up is an interview with Tom Denham who covers metals for Elliott Wave International. In this new interview, Tom talks about recent price action in gold and silver and the relationship between the two markets. Our last feature comes from Tony Carrion, one of Elliott Wave International's Currency Pro Service analysts. Tony relies on the Wave Principle for determining price targets. He explains how he uses Elliott waves -- and why hearing an interview with Bob Prechter was a "game changer."

Apr 14, 2016

Today we kick things off with an analyst spotlight feature on Michael Madden who discusses the business of forecasting forex markets. The next feature is an interview with Jim Martens who explains why his "ideal subscriber" is a forex trader who thinks for himself and only uses Jim's analysis as a "sounding board" for spotting trade setups. The last feature today is another interview, this one with the director of the Socionomics Institute, Matt Lampert who sat down with NPR's Jim Burress to discusses socionomics and explain socionomic causality.

Apr 6, 2016

Pete Kendall tells you about the emergence of the so-called CoCo bonds, one of the hottest new derivative-backed instruments on Wall Street. Gold's price trend has baffled investors at almost every turn. Today, gold's wave pattern is clear, and Elliott-minded investors are benefiting. The Director of the Socionomics Institute discusses his journey with socionomics, the importance of social mood, and how socionomics helps you spot market reversals and trends early.

Mar 24, 2016

Today's episode of Elliott Wave Weekly starts by looking at how higher stock prices and higher skyscrapers go hand in hand. Next up we have a feature from Pete Kendall where he discusses the uniqueness of the Wave Principle and explains why psychology repeats itself over time. The last feature is an interview with Tom Denham, the editor of EWI's Metals Pro Service. He explains why he thinks the uptrend in gold will continue.

Mar 18, 2016

Stocks: There's a Strong Chance for Another Exciting Turn Ahead | Don't Be Fooled: News Does NOT Drive the Markets | Discover a Historic Opportunity in Europe

Mar 11, 2016

Trading with Elliott Waves Doesn't Have to Be Complicated | Trader Education Week: Valuable For Traders At All Levels | Teaching, Trading and Technical Analysis

Mar 3, 2016

Dems vs. Reps: Who's Better For Stocks? | China: The Trend Will Continue Lower Overtime | Socionomics: "The Light Bulb Started to Go Off"

Feb 26, 2016

Learn Why 2015 Was a Key Transition Year for Stocks | EURUSD: There's a New Opportunity Directly Ahead | Alan Hall on Epidemics, Donald Trump, Wealth Inequality and More

Feb 19, 2016

Fassett on Fractals | Gold Rally Defies Bearish Money Managers | Analyst Spotlight

Feb 11, 2016

The Never-Ending Scramble to Figure Out the Stock Market | Japan's Nikkei: Learn Why We've Been Anticipating the Decline | Bond Traders Telegraph a Message About 30-Year Treasuries

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